Friday, March 5, 2021

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“South Indian film industry is a part of my heart” – Shruti Hassan clarifies her stance

Shruti Hassan after a brief break from acting is back with promising projects in Tamil and Telugu film industries. During a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Shruti Haasan opened up about her absence from Bollywood, quarantine life and how her choice of cinema has evolved over the years. Talking about commercial potboilers, she said “I no longer listen to people who say we need to do only commercial films. I’ve been a part of some blockbusters, but didn’t have a great time doing them. I am making more honest choices now.” Referring to her comment a Telugu publication reportedly made speculative comments that the actor was referring to her Telugu films such as Gabbar Singh and Race Gurram.

On Tuesday, Shruti took to Twitter to clarify her stance on being part of southern films and her comments were misinterpreted and  “Certain Telugu publications have misinterpreted a quote from a national interview I gave and are writing articles that are untrue. Just to clarify I am extremely proud of having been a part of films like Race Gurram and Gabbar Singh- GS with Pawan Kalyan Garu was life changing” the actress wrote.

In the second tweet, the “Laabam” actress justified her stand in the interview and wrote that her quote in the old interview was given in the pretext of the Hindi films that she has done and the normal perception of people regarding North Indian vas South Indian films which according to her was never liked and supported by her. She further expressed her love for South Indian film industry by calling it “Close to her heart” and stated that working in Gabbar Singh was a life changing experience. “Being a part of Telugu and South Indian film industry is a part of my heart, truly. That interview was given in context to the Hindi films I did and perception of north vs south in Indian films which in itself I’ve never liked – hope that clears things up for the everyone,” she said in another tweet.

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